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          Read our Glassdoor reviews to see what our employees say about working here.

          Join the MindTouch Family

          MindTouch is built on two key principles:

          • Deliver a product that our customers love so much they recommend it to others.
          • Create a culture that attracts smart, good people who want to work hard and achieve great things together.

          Being a MindToucher means working with enthusiastic, intelligent, and collaborative people who care about each other and their customer’s success. Transparent and communicative executives encourage us to question assumptions and even make mistakes, as long as we apply lessons-learned and share our results.

          MindTouch office photo MindTouch office photo MindTouch office photo MindTouch office photo MindTouch office photo

          Open Positions

          Perks & Benefits

          Located in downtown San Diego, MindTouch life includes generous PTO plus sick time, above-average healthcare premium coverage (Medical, Dental, Life Insurance), catered lunch three time per week, and on-the-job development opportunities. Yes, we also have a ping-pong table, video games, and inter-office debates about if Fig Bars or Lara Bars are better (among many other free snacks).

          Paid ClassPass
          Free Peach Lunches
          Medical Benefits
          Parking or Transit Reimbursement
          PTO & Sick Time
          Amazing Views
          Free Airport Shuttle
          Coffee & Expresso Bar
          Snacks & Fresh Fruit