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          Management Team

          Management Team

          MindTouch LinkedInSteve Bjorg

          Founder and CTO

          MindTouch LinkedInPete Erickson

          VP of Technology

          MindTouch LinkedInTim Passios

          VP of Marketing

          MindTouch LinkedInKrijn Van der Raadt

          VP of Engineering

          MindTouch LinkedInConnie Quach

          VP of Products

          MindTouch LinkedInDan Chester

          EVP of Enterprise Sales

          MindTouch LinkedInStephen Schultz

          VP of Strategic Alliance

          MindTouch LinkedInAmy Etheridge

          Director of Customer Success

          MindTouch LinkedInCarlos Ayala

          Director of Implementation Services

          MindTouch LinkedInRobert Spearman

          Director of Strategic Accounts

          MindTouch LinkedInMatthew Arrandale

          Sr Enterprise Account Executive

          MindTouch LinkedInConor Caulkett

          Director of Operations