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          Customer Spotlight

          Ozzie Gardner

          Ozzie Gardner is the Knowledge Manager at iOFFICE. He has developed a knowledge management (KM) strategy that provides clients with information they need to fully utilize their IWMS (integrated workplace management system). He has also developed solutions to help internal teams collaborate and share information more effectively. His goal? Reduce the support burden of iOFFICE’s 2.2 million users and 1400 customers. His knowledge management work has allowed iOFFICE to dramatically increase its self-service support across the board.

          Specifically, Ozzie uses the training paths available in MindTouch to provide product-specific paths that can be used both during initial training and when onboarding new employees. iOFFICE has also created integrations using the MindTouch API to provide links to new product notifications published in MindTouch directly in the iOFFICE application.

          Ozzie also leverages MindTouch’s comprehensive revision history and private content settings to maintain internal policy documentation — from IT Security to Employee Standards—streamlining the process of applying changes as required to maintain a proactive security posture. In addition, he maintains department-specific sections for customer service, implementation, and sales so employees can easily access the content relevant to their job roles, increasing efficiencies and sales funnel velocity.

          A graduate from Texas A&M University with a BA in Philosophy, Ozzie was also a member of the men’s swimming team, where he was the recipient of the 2008 Distinguished Letterman award, the male athlete of the year award for all sports at Texas A&M!

          Fun fact: Outside of work, Ozzie can be found lounging around with his wife and their three dogs, or playing sand volleyball. He and his wife have also been working on their house, from updating rooms to installing new windows and siding, in preparation for the expected arrival of their first child in January.

          The Problem iOFFICE Faced

          • Fragmented, out of date documentation that was hard to find and difficult to navigate
          • No mobile support access, making it difficult for users to access content from mobile devices
          • Documentation lagged behind production timelines, forcing the iOFFICE team to divert resources as others didn’t know how to use the KB

          What iOFFICE Achieved

          • Grew notification subscriptions from 20 to 260, demonstrating data-backed demand for product documentation updates
          • Able to support every department, with a plan to expand with current growth projections
          • Expanded content engagement across regions by providing more user-friendly, helpful content
          • Improved internal adoption, with internal employees now using the iOFFICE web self-service portal as a resource for getting up to speed on product training, project flow, etc.
          • Immediately implemented MindTouch Responsive to allow for access from mobile devices