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          The Big Miss

          Why So Many of Your Customers Are Going Unhelped (and How Knowledge Management Can Help)


          What you'll learn in this webinar

          The data speaks for itself: most customers prefer to self-serve rather than contact you, whether that’s to buy your products or ask you for help in fixing them. The question is, what are you doing to meet this growing demand?

          What the vast majority of companies are finding is that focusing on the agent experience just isn’t enough. Instead, organizations need to find ways to start where customers start—to deliver valuable product knowledge that helps customers self-solve long before calling support becomes necessary.

          Enter knowledge management.

          Your customer’s journey doesn’t start with your agents, so why should your knowledge management strategy?

          Join Lori Bocklund, President of Strategic Contact, and Tim Passios, VP of Marketing at MindTouch, for a 45-minute webinar, where you’ll learn:

          The power of changing

          the starting point from inside out (agent experience first) to outside-in (customer self-service first)

          Practical tips

          for leveraging knowledge management to deliver consistent, high-value customer self-service experiences

          Expected outcomes

          of elevating your customer self-service offerings

          Meet the speakers

          Lori Bocklund Headshot

          Lori Bocklund


          Tim Passios Headshot

          Tim Passios

          VP of Marketing

          Who should attend

          As an owner of, or participant in, your customer’s journey you will find value in this webinar as we explore the proactive nature in allowing your customers to self-serve.

          Live Q&A


          Watch Now

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